Connect To Create: A Science Meets Metaphysics Masterclass

Learn how your inner reality creates your external reality

Welcome to Connect to Create!

A Masterclass for cultivating cohesion between science and spirituality for Soulpreneurs and Growth Seekers who wish to learn how to fully understand and integrate alignment, law of attraction and no BS manifestation into your personal and professional life.

I commonly hear from individuals that they struggle with truly understanding what alignment, manifestation and the law of attraction is. I have been receiving countless messages and emails seeking out more information on how to create your own signature daily alignment practice (and why you want one!), how to fully tap in to your own creator power, how to dive into your intuition and be divinely guided, and how to get into the channel of pure manifestation and attraction of what you want. This class is a compilation of all the questions ive received as well as all the interest ive had in learning more about how you can connect inward and create outward. These classes are going to provide you with teaching, training and material that creates space for you to feel fulfilled, abundant and ENOUGH in this moment while also being open and in flow to actualize what you desire.

Masterclass PART 1:

My approach to alignment, law of attraction and manifestation, how it works, vibration and energy introduction, mirroring, inner and outer states of being, the science side of these things and how to integrate them into your life.

Masterclass PART 2:

How to create your own daily alignment practice so to get into your flow space, inner being and intuition cultivation, conscious creating, emotional guidance system awareness, source and universe energy, intention, the spiritual side of these things and how to authentically integrate them into your life.

I’ve been feeling the call to upgrade my service to be one that creates SPACE for you to truly create the business and life that best aligns with your truth. I wasn’t sure how that would look and I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing.... but I’ve felt the deep call to speak more, write more and create more.

For Soulpreneurs and growth seekers, the Align&Flow Portal content has been incredible for them to integrate in a way that allows them to truly make shift happen and come home to the power that’s been within them the whole time.

My intention is always to provide service that creates SPACE for others to live their truth and activate their souls purpose. Next month, we are creating that space in a new way within the align&flow community.

CONNECT TO CREATE will be teaching how to create cohesion between science and spirituality for Soulpreneurs and growth seekers .... where you will learn all about alignment, no BS manifestation and law of attraction so that you can integrate your own authentic approach to these things into your business and life.

My goal is to provide you with a space to truly master understanding these things so that you can begin to connect more deeply to your inner being, Intuitive guidance system, source and the universe in a way that allows you to deliberately create your human experience with flow and JOY.

I want you to learn how to become so present within yourself, so aware of yourself and so tapped in to your own power .... so that you can feel fulfilled, abundant and enough NOW while being LIT UP to attract, create and manifest what you desire.

This Portal will provide you with:

-2 masterclasses - recorded video style

-2 slidedecks - copy of all lessons

-access to the align&flow member community.

*Masterclass 1 and slidedeck will be released within your Light Leadership School platform on Monday, September 3rd. Masterclass 2 and slidedeck will be released on Monday, September 17th.

In peace and abundance,

Natalie Brite

For all questions on this masterclass or enrollment inquiries, contact Natalie.


Your Instructor

Natalie Brite
Natalie Brite

Hi, Friend!
I'm Natalie, an Intuitive Business Activation and Life Alignment Coach, Speaker, Artist, and Writer...and host of the Wildly Aligned Podcast + Blog. My work and life is guided by mama Earth, the cosmos, intuition, and creative expression. I am what many would refer to as a free spirit; I beat to the tune of my own drum and encourage others to do the same. I carry the human design of a Manifesting Generator and the personality archetypes of the rebel, creator, sage and magician. What does that all mean? Well, my personal power is best activated by focusing on aligning with my purpose and gifts within and then summoning that inner alignment by taking massive inspired action in the external world. I am a visionary and fire starter, and love to blaze my own path. My calling is to create with boundless freedom, to express my authentic truth vulnerably...to transmute, transform, and make shift happen, and to share my medicine + message with the world. I believe that the world is waking up to a new paradigm for how we create, manifest and contribute and business and life, and it is my intention to be a part of that transition team.

My medicine helps individuals to awaken to their higher power and activate their authentic purpose so that they can create and manifest from a space of intuition and alignment for the highest good of all. I specialize in using metaphysics, science, spirituality, intuition and alignment to guide individuals in coming back home to who they truly are so that they can activate the purpose they came to this earth to fulfill. I work heavily with belief system work, disrupting unconscious programming, developing authenticity, reawakening inner power, cultivating brand presence, and supporting Soulpreneurs in building soul-aligned businesses. I am a catalyst for creative expression and a guide for discovering your gifts so that you can become a deliberate creator of your life, live your truth and activate your limitless potential.

Activate your authentic light | Re-awaken your intuitive power | Live out your souls purpose with wild alignment.



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  Welcome to Connect to Create
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Available in days
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