Discover new layers of self through alignment, intuition, and inner being activation

Attune to Intuition // Amplify Alignment

Chances are, if you are here, you are feeling the call.

The call to open up,

To spill out,

To learn,

To grow,

To expand beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Whether you are here as a Soulpreneur, a light worker, a modern mystic,

or whether you are here as a growth seeker or someone simply feeling READY to know yourself so that you can begin living and creating from your fullest light power,

welcome home.

This course is catered to help individuals begin the process of stepping into the new paradigm. We are in a space in time where we are beginning to welcome a new age, an age that is beginning to bring balance back into our lives, wholeness back into our lives, creativity and expression back into our lives, and more fulfillment and abundance than weve ever thought was possible for us. We are in a time where we are feeling called to shift out of the obsession with the physical world and move beyond the minds limitations so that we can begin to co-create with intuition, the Universe, and Source Power. It all starts with you, babe! In order to create and manifest your outer reality, you must first discover and manifest align within yourself. This course is catered to help you start peeling back the layers of the old paradigm so that you can begin to reveal your authentic truth. This course will provide you will lessons, audios, videos, and pdfs that will support you in this inner discovery work.

As within, so without.

Inner alignment work is the process of waking up to your own energy, your own vibration, and your own inner being so that you can begin to manifest and create your inner and outer world with pure intention and deliberacy. This course is meant to provide you with the introductory steps you can take to begin activating your creator power in a way that allows you to live in flow and THRIVE NOW.

Within this course bundle you will be provided with audio, video, written and PDF lessons and teachings on modalities that will allow you to begin tapping into your intuitive guidance system to that you can create and manifest from a space of authentic truth within your business and life. This course content is written for the individual who wants to move beyond the material and begin unlocking their creator power within, so that they can live from a space of fulfillment, abundance and joy NOW while being an open channel to easily manifest what they desire within their physical reality. This content is catered for both beginner and advanced, and is taught in a way that allows you to discover for yourself, on your terms, and by your own rulebook so that you can find your flow with alignment in a true to you way.

This course comes with the added bonus of being granted access to my private Align&Flow Coaching Community.

Lessons touch on the following topics:




~Vibrational Matching

~Intentional point of attraction setting

~Authentic identity cultivation

~Inner truth and power development

~Co-Creator ignition

~Shadow and ego work

~Release, pivot and shift work

~Presence Power activation

This course comes with 6 modules, containing written, video, and printable content. This course also contains Natalie Brite's signature course, Attune to Intuition // Amplify Alignment, and her video series course on activating your truth and power through alignment. This course content also grants you access to Natalie Brite's private coaching community, Align & Flow, located via Facebook.

For all questions on this course, contact Natalie at www.nataliebritecoaching.com

Your Instructor

Natalie Brite
Natalie Brite

Natalie is an intuitive business and life alignment Coach, Speaker and Creative here to contribute to shifting the paradigm and elevating the world by helping the collective to change the way we think, create, contribute and manifest within the world.

This is a space where you can learn how to do business and life from a higher state of consciousness
so that you bring forth more presence, abundance, fulfillment and enoughness NOW.
A space where you can awaken your inner power, step into your fullest light potential, and serve for the highest good.
This is a space for you to create and live from intuition and alignment so that you can activate your higher purpose, authentically share your medicine and elevate the world.

Natalie serves on a global level with the intention of helping you to become a deliberate creator of your life so that you can live your truth and activate your limitless potential. Natalie specializes in teaching how to become high vibration, conscious and intentional participants of our lives so that we can activate our fullest light potential on a personal and professional level. She is here to hold space for you to access your gifts so that you can live out your souls purpose.



Class Curriculum

  Welcome to the INNER BEING ACTIVATION Course
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Available in days
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  Vibe Matching + Reprogramming your Point of Attraction
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  Activating your Authentic Creator Power (lesson and video)
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